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Sharmela Christmon

One half of the Health Advocacy, Coaching & Training team The Christmons, Sharmela (Certified Master Life & Master Transformation Life Coach, Professional Development Strategist) is a suicide attempt survivor and advocate of all thing's mental health & chronic pain. She battles daily with an adipose tissue disease called Lipedema, and Fibromyalgia. In coaching sessions with her clients, her focus is strategic planning and business development. She enjoys working with corporate businesses and business owners who desire rebranding & strategy on the healthiest ways to build their business, while establishing healthier habits & boundaries in their personal lives. She loves to help others and enjoys serving through random acts of kindness. She is an avid manga reader that loves to watch anime and spend her moments of leisure gaming, or with her family.

She provides CONTENT + CONFIDENCE & STRATEGY! All while connecting you to your Vision and Purpose!!

For individuals & groups she is a 1:1 Coach focused on setting them up for success & partnering with people in their evolution and healing journey. For businesses she is bridging the gap between management at all levels & their teams.

Creating thriving lives & workplace cultures where every employee feels valued and engaged is her goal. She is your strategic partner in fostering environments that people love to be a part of.

For the Hospitality Industry:

High turnover rates can bleed a restaurant dry, both financially and culturally. Her professional goal is to partner with restaurants & restaurant groups to develop & implement staff development strategies that not only reduce turnover rates but also cultivate a healthy workplace culture. Together, you can create a space where staff are motivated, customers are happy & the business thrives.

For Organizations:

A healthy workplace culture is the cornerstone of any successful business. It's about more than just retention; it's about creating an environment where employees are engaged, productive, and loyal. She can help you build a culture that aligns with your core values and drives your business forward.

Her Expertise:

- Dual Master Life Coaching Certifications

- 12 Specialized Niche Certifications, including a focus on Employee Performance.

Michael and Sharmela Christmon are an extremely versatile powerhouse couple that share the love of organization, mental health, fitness— and of course— pushing people into purpose! They are compassionate and synergistic, offering a wealth of knowledge and experiences from which others can glean. Currently, they’re working on establishing a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping youth within the athletics field.